Kloud Stool


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The Kloud family have a super power, they hold the  secret to happiness. And they’re happy to share it with you. Their secret to happiness is to seek the good in the little things.  They always will  have a smile because they know the rainbows that only come out after it rained and at the end of the day everything is going to be ok.

This cute little stool is a great addition to children’s bedroom.  His little side handles are handy for easy manoeuvring to the next playing place, or tucked in the favorite reading corner. When the little humans need help to reach out, it can be used as a stool


  • Made 17 mm white laminated birch E0-E1 FSC
  • Comes flat packed.
  • Dimensions: W350x 3o0H
  • Suitable for 2-4 Years Old
  • Handles to allow easy transport and movement
  • No pegs needed for assembly.
  • Assembly time: under 5 mn
  • Non toxic material
  • All products are hand finished  for smooth edges.
  • Designed and made in Australia

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This product may contain traces of Magic, beware for these symptoms:  

Sparkly Eyes, Brain Expansion & Uncontrollable Smiles.


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