Ice Kreature Table & Stool


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Ice Kreature Desk + Stool

Now this is Kreature’s lost brother…

Ice Kreature Stool

Ice Kreature was born in the highest mountains known to man, a place where no one dares to cross the icy gusty winds, to find an immaculate crystal cave. The legend says it holds the ancient secrets on the Universe.

This fella’s superpower is quite impressive. He has super hero DNA, built to be strong and resilient. He can shape shift into a cave and come to life when casting cool shadows. Kreature will provide a hideout to keep intruders away, making him a great gate keeper.

Unusual in the design, safe and durable in the construction.

Approved by little explorers of tricky space.

This very exclusive collection comes in very small numbers, 2 tables a year. With an added detail to make it extra special, the “Limited Edition “3D printed plate will be present on every single item of this collection.


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  • Made 17 mm black laminated birch E0-E1 FSC
  • Comes flat packed.
  • Dimensions: Table L 1000x D550x H750 mm
  • Suitable for the ages 6-9 years old.
  • Pegs are needed for assembly.
  • Assembly time: under 5 mn
  • Instructions Included
  • All products are hand finished for smooth edges.


Tag Us/ Check us on Insta @ekokidspacedin



This product may contain traces of Magic, beware for these symptoms:  

Sparkly Eyes, Brain Expansion & Uncontrollable Smiles.


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