Ice Kreature Hook


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Ice Kreature Hook

Ice Kreature was born in the depths of the highest Icy Mountain ever known to man, where many perished and were scared to find it. It is known,  in that mountain, is a cave made out of beautiful crystals where the oldest secrets of the Universe are kept. So him too, knows how to keep a secret and is fearless at scaring night monsters away. Ice Kreature will be on the watch 24/7. No one will dare to trespass while he’s present.

This crisp white being an achromatic colour, brings a low impact presence, a sense of calm and a sense of preference for quality over quantity.




  • Dimensions: H180x W150mmx D18mm (+ 18mm back hook)
  • Made with White Eco Laminated Birch Ply. E0- E1 FSC
  • It stands 17mm of the wall. 3M tape. No screws.
  • Round corners for kid friendly
  • All products are hand finished for smooth edges.
  • 3D printed tag ” Limited Edition”

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( Do not hang this piece over a bassinet or a bed where the child’s head might be under. Difference in room temperature may interfere with the tape, as well as excessive weight on the hook)


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