Together we can change the world

Let’s continue to make a difference. For a better future.

Ekokidspaced In, strongly believes in making a difference while walking on this beautiful planet. She sustain us, feed us, enables us to thrive and provides us beautiful places to go to, whether in land or sea. Let’s have your children enjoying it too.

It’s time for us to contribute. To make a difference. To go a small step further.

By purchasing or products, not only you can be assured they are part of an ethical approach towards the environment but also, we now can donate towards a cause close to our hearts. The Environment. We can’t have a future without healthy Planet and we can’t have children without a future.

Ekokid Spacedin is comitted to donate a percentage of the profits , to be directed to the following Org:

                                     You’ll receive a confirmation of the donation in your email

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