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Our children furniture celebrates the kid in us all and allows little people the freedom to explore and use our pieces to enter a world of make believe and to transform them into whatever their imagination sees. Great design for kids should be fun without sacrificing its clean lines and functionality.  Ekokid believes, when designing for children, we must enter their world and allow ourselves to break free from the constraints of our big people eyes and feel what it’s like to be a child again.

We’ve travelled through space and time, with lots of hard work, to bring to life, a playful three dimensional product, where its shape and shadow casting aim to be something that simulates your child’s mind and enhances their own world. We LOVE what we do and are so happy to bring to your children fun, fabulous plywood furniture with a dash of MAGIC and a whole lot of durability.



The Collection.

Drum roll please… let us introduce you to …

Kreature is the shapeshifter, born with superhero DNA; his magic powers scare night monsters away. More than just a desk, Kreature can shape shift into a cave, a cubby house, cast cool shadows, provide a secret hide out for your little superhero to relax after having conquered the day. It’s perfect to do homework aka master plan to take over the world. Kreature is also known to be a brilliant gate keeper and protector, he’s always on watch.

Oskar the hungry bear has hidden super powers. According to legend, when Oskar was born, while asleep, sprinkles of MAGIC fell on his head. And he had a dream, to protect every single child in the house by giving them Courage, Imagination and Vision Quest. And of course BEAR HUGS, his favourite thing to do. Like Oskar, these magic powers will pass to all those that sleep nearby, especially when children have a DREAM (true story).

The Kloud Family is known to hold the secret to happiness. The secret to their super power is to see the good in everyday little things.  Whether it’s sunny or stormy, they will always have a smile because they know, rainbows only come out in the rain and at the end of the day everything is ok.


“Design incorporates logical thinking with imaginative play”.



As parents, we understand life gets busy. Between work and making sure we keep our children alive and happy, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for other things. Especially shopping for our kids, we need to source and purchase furniture that helps create their own special world, their bedrooms, things they love and relate to. It can be daunting and also time consuming.

Ekokids aims to bring you piece of mind, providing your children, structurally sound furniture suitable for their early learning years, that promotes imagination, daydreaming and story telling. Our products are made for children, built to capture their creative perspective and wrapped in functionality and quality that parents seek.

We want to make sure you get the most out of our kids furniture, so we’ve made Ekokids products fun, multifunctional and very durable. The tables are perfect for drawing, studying, snacking, art and crafts projects or even playing or reading under it.  The stools can be used either with the tables, or snack tables on their own or as a complementary bed side table. The hooks are the finishing touch to complete the decor, great to hold garlands, fairy lights or to be a gorgeous baby shower gift that is perfect for nursery decors. All of our products are made with a sustainable material, MELAMAX, a double layered film onto eco birch plywood.  The surface is impact resistant and stain resistant as well, so any spill will clean up easily.


As much children need furniture that can evolve , they also need robust design that can take hard use and still stand up while continuing to look good”.
Phyllis Richardson in ‘Design for Kids’

Our pieces can make a statement in your child’s room or just blend in to perfect a room. The choice is yours and it will always add that little something extra, an extra special detail with our wooden furniture.

The white collection is designed to be seamless against a light colour palette, teaming up perfectly with its surroundings, in order to bring a sense of peace, calm and purity.

The black collection was made to have a strong presence, to be noticed, to intentionally bring a bold statement to its environment.

It’s the ultimate blend between design functionality and visual appeal with a fun twist. All of the furniture for children sits on a monochromatic palette, to bring a modern look to the furniture, rather than being too literal in its translation. We believe that monochromatic furniture for children will stay timeless and allow the room to pair nicely with existing or new colour palettes.


Last but not least- It’s hassle free


We’ve made assembly easy peasy (without the lemon squeezy). No more Saturday afternoons deciphering instructions, hours of assembly, frayed tempers and a less than perfect end product.

Inspired by the Viking joinery, this awesome but simple and sound, peg system allows, Ekokids furniture to be fitted in only 5 steps and under 5 MINUTES. It is true, at Ekokids we know how precious time is, especially for family, so let us take the time and frustration out of furniture assembly and give you back more time with the kids.

And when it comes to disassembling, it is just as easy and can be done in the same amount of time. So if you need to move or relocate the furniture it is super simple. It has been designed to be packed away just as neatly as it arrived, ready for storage.

Ekokids furniture is made with premium quality materials that are durable, a laminated birch plywood, sustainable with low toxicity as well as low maintenance impact and mould resistant.

Because we believe life is better, with brilliant, creative, functional DESIGN.

Ekokids furniture range is designed for kids from 3-5 years old, up to the 9 years old.  


“Child design is about play combined with the consistent, practical elements of daily life: a need for durability, innovation, and imagination. Children’s spaces must be designed for different actions and activities, including learning, living, and playing with friends. A well-designed child space helps them grow up, engages their ability and need to move, and is injected with safe elements that allow their bodies to wiggle and climb. Furniture must not be ‘disposable,’ but made from strong and safe materials.”                                                                                                                                                                              Gail Green Interior Designer




> ABOUT THE DESIGNER <            


Hola, I’m Cristina!

I’m Portuguese born from the coastal town Lisbon. I’m passionate about Design, Sustainability and long talks over glasses of wine.

I landed in Australia ten years ago, after finishing my degree in Industrial Design in Lisbon. Soon after, I decided to do the big travel on my own. Little I knew, I would meet in Sydney, the love of my life & partner in crime, my daughters’ father. We got married in Portugal, lived in Sydney and moved to my husband’s home town in the Mid North Coast. We have 2 beautiful crazy girls (9 & 6 Y) 2 dogs and some chickens.

I was a home staying mum for both of my girls, and as you mums know, it is a full time job. Truth is, Design always has been present in my core as an undercurrent, ready to be birthed.  Slowly, I regained confidence with another parallel love: Handmade. Where some of you may know me from my previous home business, Ekokids Australia, home of the Animal Hangers and other quirky products. Although, I absolutely loved doing handmade, I knew I wasn’t leaving my comfort zone. Life nudge me to change direction with 2 cysts on my wrist, so I would stop doing it. EkokidSpaced In started when we moved in to our new house made of shipping containers, when I was looking for furniture for my girls’ room.

In my pursuit to find fun furniture, I realised the products I have had found, always lacked one element I believed essential. My husband being so busy finishing off the house would not have the time nor the patience, to custom make anything or assemble orders.

That’s when it stroke me!

“What if I designed furniture that didn’t need screws? That could be easily assembled?

And, what if I used the very best material available? Sustainable, Durable and Beautiful?”

From that moment onwards, I was on a quest to provide an unique approach on furniture, infused with all the elements I believed essential! I sat down with my girls and we brainstormed together. For weeks and months, I was drawing, fine tuning and sourcing the very best material available.

The process relit the deep love I have had for Design. It was back. Not long after, I was able to bring to life my first prototype- Kreature- that’s when EkokidSpaced In was born!

I hope you can stick around to share this journey together.





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